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Tomorrow is the opening of the long awaited Simpsons movie, and where you turn there is something Simpson. I have been watching the Simpsons since before they were famous, way back when they were a cartoon skit on the Tracy Ullman Show.

The characters have evolved and the drawing has improved over the years. I read somewhere they have been around for 18 years. My children, much to my “chagrin,” have grown up on them.

Although I am an avid fan of this dysfunctional yellow family I didn’t think I would go into “Simpson-Mania” over the release of their upcoming movie; but after being inundated by the ads on Fox and my trip to a local “Kwik-E-Mart,” I am hooked.

For two weeks straight, Homer has been running a cross my TV screen splashing it with yellow paint, while the “o” in the Fox logo has morphed into a pink glazed doughnut. Burger King ads are promoting Simpsonizeme.com, which will make you into a Simpson character and there is even Simpson’s theme set for your MySpace page. With all this hype it is no wonder that I have full-blown “Simpson-Mania”.

My Trip to the Kwik-E-Mart

Our community was “blessed” to host one out of the eleven nation-wide conversions of a local 7-11 store into Abu’s fictional store in honor of the upcoming movie.

I was transported to Springfield, home of the Simpsons this last weekend as I visited this sacred shrine, the Kwik-E-Mart. The store was loaded with “Simpson-istic” food items and cutout characters from the series were strategically placed. Comic Book Guy, was of course by the comic books. Ralphie, was by the ice creams, Maggie was on top of the Buzz Cola machine, and Homer was at the condiment stand touting a hot dog. Last but not least, Police Chief Wigum’s cutout was on top of the case of sprinkled pink glaze doughnuts.

My “mania” peaked with the two purchases I made on Saturday, a can of Buzz Cola and of course one of those “uuuhhhhhhhhggg” pink glaze circles of heaven. I shared the “tasty bit of joy” with a friend and it was so sweet, my teeth hurt And both of our tongues turned Day-Glo pink—awww good times.

That little treat was enough to have me hooked. Once I finished it, I wanted more and was kicking myself for not buy a full box or even two like many of the other Kwik-e patrons.

Under the guise of wanting the kids to see the store, I returned on Sunday only to find a line out the door and once inside all those delicious pink dreams were gone, along with most of the other specialty items.

The kids got “Squishies” and some hostess doughnuts (a poor substitute) and we went on our way. It has been four days since our last trip and with the Movie premiering tomorrow, life will return to normal and my mania will pass.
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What do you do when you think you are unique and clever, and you find you’re not that special? It happened to me today.

I am so excite about my blog and the name I chose for it. Debonics—what a play on words. Deb and ebonics, it fits me perfectly. Not because all I speak is ebonics, but because I considered ebonics to be a distinct language and I sometimes seem to have a unique idiolect myself.

What a blow to my ego today when I looked up “my” Debornics on technorati and found not only my blog posts; but an unrelated post referring to debonics as a language created by another Deb.

“My” name, which I thought a clever play-on-words, has rather negative connotations attached to it in this other blog.

“My” tag, which I was so “pleased as punch” with when I created it, is now linking me to someone else out there on the web who is be-smudging it.

The one thing that was clear from the other post is that the author is not fond of this Dr. Deb. He claims she spouts a very distorted vernacular that is offensive, and he is trying to warn people away from this offensive woman.

What I am not clear on is whether he is legitimate or just vindictive.

Either way, now I feel that I need a disclaimer and that I must emphasize that I AM NOT that Deb, Debbie, or Doc Deb Frisch of Arizona or Eugene OR, nor does “my” debonics name have anything to do with her language.

It may not be as unique as I had hoped, but it is still “my” ID and it is here to stay.

Acknowledgement: After researching the internet and now receiving several comments to this post, it seems there is some legitimacy to the other blog’s claim that Dr. Deb is infamous on the web.  It was disheartening to make this discovery; however, it does not alter my claim to the name “Debonics”.

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I have been twittering with my colleagues for a while now.   Twitter is a site that asks the question, “What are you doing right now?”  I was thrilled to get three new friends on the site this morning, following me.  It made my day!   

I thought I would see what the online dictionaries have for the definition of Twitter.    

The Merriam-Webster gave several definitions of Twitter.  The closes one is “to talk in a chattering fashion”, which is what Twittering is all about.   

Wikipidea states that, “Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates.”   So not only am I blogging, I am now micro-blogging. Who Knew?   

Should I twitter my day away?  That is the question.  Maybe not.  My life is to busy and to boring to constantly blog on.   

Besides I don’t want to become a chronic Twitter-bater.  That just isn’t healthy.   

But on those rare occurrences that I think of something profound, funny or actually do have a free moment a little twittering here or there wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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“La Familia” (11 of us) invaded the Cinelux today to see Transformers. Being a fan of the 80’s cartoon series and a techno-diva, I couldn’t wait to see it. I had read blogs that said the film had tech-savvy females in it, but I had seen the trailers and knew it was adolescent male-centric.


As a feminist, I was pleasantly surprise as I looked around the small theater. The audience was female dominated with a few father-son duos scattered among the viewers and a meager seven “skater boys” in the crowd. Women were in mass here; one group of women was on their 4th viewing of the movie.


The blog posts were true, there were two strong women in the movie. One was the hero’s love interest, a hot-wiring pin-up with a past, and the other was a blonde computer analyst in black high heels. I was thrilled that the show had strong women. However, it never fails to amaze me that the female characters had to be both “sexy” and smart, while the hero was just a plain teenage boy. Nothing exceptional about him, definitely not eye-candy for the women in the room.


Even with the sexist flaws, we all (La Familia) loved it. The only comment I would have would be to the movie producers, I believe there might be a Transformer’s 2 on the horizon and it would be ground-breaking if the smart, techie girl was the actual hero, (not the prize of the hero); and in the end the girl got the eye-candy boy whom they saved. It is just a thought.

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I have been following the crazy that the new iPhone has caused. People were in lines for hours jockeying to be one of the first to own this new toy.

(If only society was this passionate about global warming, or the homeless…what a better world this would be.

Image if people were actually waiting for hours in line to give a person in need $500 or $600 dollars, instead of giving the money to a large corporation in exchanged for a gadget.

Image what it would be like if the media hyped the opening of a new soup kitchen and good Samaritans flocked to the spot and waited for the opportunity to work in the kitchen so they had the privilege of feeding a needy family? It makes you wonder. )

Really, when I started this blog post, it was not to berate the iPhone or the individuals who bought them.

In fact, as a techno-diva myself, I have a major lust/envy thing going on over this little trinket, and my inability to quench my desire is the real reason for this entry. You see, several things will have to happen before an iPhone is an option for me.

First, my current financial status would have to dramatically improve before there will be enough change in my pocket to indulge in the likes of an iPhone. (Keeping food on the table for the three of us is hard enough, and shoes or school clothes for the children takes presidents over a shiny new bobble.)

Second, the iPhone would need to broaden its providers to a more reliable network, other than AT&T.

And lastly, the iPhone needs to be more durable, cost less, come with replacement insurance (in case it is dropped or the kids get a hold of it) and time tested for any bugs or flaws before I would even consider getting one.

So until all these things happen (or more accurately when a miracle happens) the iPhone will remain only in my dreams, an object of my desire that I will never possess.

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Hello world!

Posting my prospective and my life.  This blog is one of the steps I am taking to get my life back on track.  Read it or Don’t read it.  I don’t care.  It is for me and me alone that I write.  If you enjoy my musing then please response, if not–KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. 


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