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I work at a pretty cool company and they will allow me to telecommute one or two days a week, the problem is I don’t have WiFi at home, and can’t really afford a wireless router.

“I know they are only like fifty-bucks at Fry’s Electronics, but hey, school is starting next week and the kids need supplies, so there just isn’t a dime to spare.” 

Being “fiscally-challenged,” has been the norm for so long that it has caused me to become an avid “Wal-Mart” shopper.  (I don’t agree with their practice, but I do agree with their prices.)

So I checked out walmart.com and sure enough, they have wireless-routers, and they even told me which store has them in stock.  Of course, the store closest to me, doesn’t have them, but there is one not to far away.  This evening, I am going to take my Walmart credit card and head two cities away to purchase a wireless router for the home.  I am excite, it is going to mean more time I can spend with my family and more freedom for me. 

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Mozzila’s browser FireFox2 is quickly becoming, “My All Time Favorite,” with all the cool add-ons and tools. I use it for the css editing and now I am composing this little post with “ScribeFire” a cool widget that lets you blog on the spot. How cool is that! Your surfing the net and come across something that gets your creative juices flowing and you hit the little orange scribe icon in the right-hand corner and a way you go! Laying down your ideas on the fly. It is super easy, even a novice can use the WSIWIG that pops up. If you can use Word, then you can use ScribeFire.

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The Holocaust of Feminism

I was watching a new show. “The Power of 10,” with Drew Carey as the host.  He asked the question “What percentage of women consider themselves Feminist?”  I was shocked when the meter said 29%.  Are today’s women to complacent?  Have they forgotten what their sisters had to endure?  Don’t they understand that women today still don’t have equal pay for equal work?  That we only make 78 cents to every dollar a man earns?

The reality that women today don’t feel they need to fight for their rights is scary to me.  It reminds me of the holocaust.  Many people just want to forget the holocaust happened.  Some people say it never really did.  The Jewish people suffered greatly and almost 6 million people died.  My Jewish friends pass down the history and say, “never forget.”  I had the privilege to befriend a survivor; she was a sweet woman, who was happy and gregarious.  She said, her positive disposition kept her alive in the camp.  She survived.  She tells the tale.  There are museums and monuments to remember this atrocity.  We must remember it, lest history will be repeated. 

But what about the American women and girls of today, why do they not rally in the streets, demanding equality?  Why does our society accept the derogation of women in every type of media?  Why do we as a society pay homage to misogynistic musician and make them rich?  Where is the outcry of women?

As we move through the age of technology, I see more and more, it being used to exploit and harm women.  Girls of today are being socialized through the media and the Internet to turn into “Barbies.”   You can see a bright intelligent girl, reach her teens and then crumble under the peer pressure not to succeed and especially not to be smarter than her male counterparts.   The rate of teenage plastic surgery is on the rise in this country, because our society has a skewed value system based on superficial look.  Women and girls are not valued for their intelligence, and yet no one is saying a word.

How can we as Americans come so far, and yet digressed so much?  Women of today must take a stand, as other great women in history.  We must remember the women who walked in the streets to get us the vote.  We must remember that women and African Americans were not allowed to hold “white collar” jobs before WWII.  And most importantly, we must remember the women who died in back alleys or on kitchen tables from blotched home abortions because it wasn’t legal.  We must remember all the women who march and fought to give women the “right to choose”.  Mothers should tell their children of the injustice of the past, lest history repeats.

Now is not the time for women to be complacent.  Now, more than any other time in the history of this great nation is the time to “Fight.”  We are on the cusp of a new era, with Hillary Clinton running for president, and we must take a stand.  If Hillary takes the White House, then women need to step up and demand our voices be heard.  We need to do this for our daughters and for the women of the future.

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Jody Foster has a new movie coming out called “The Brave One.” It is about a woman who suffers a terrible loss and a brutal attack only to become a vigilante dishing out justice in dark alleys and subways. When Terrence Howard, the cop who is working her case, asked her how she “pulled it all together after something like that happened to her?” She responds with “you become another person.”

That is what I had to do– I became Deborah.
When you suffer extreme loss, pain and brutality, and you survive it, you have two choices: curl-up in a ball and die or forge through the chaos and desolation to emerge another person.

If you are lucky, there maybe some remnants of the “old” you. For me, there is my “first” family, one friend who calls on my birthday, and few tattered pictures still remaining to remind me of my past “unobtainable self” that was “Debbie”.

“Debbie” was a party girl! She had a family, a nice car, and plenty of friends with plenty of money. She was young and wild, and ignorant to the fact that her life was actually very good. She always wanted “more” and “better”.

Debbie was a “high maintenance” babe, who loved to shop. She ran two miles everyday; she was fit, out-going and comfortable in any situation. She mingled with “Low Riders,” “Hell’s Angels,” “speed freaks” and danced the night away at the hottest nightclubs and gay bars in the city. She enjoyed spending lazy afternoons sipping “Dom Perignon” poolside at her friend’s exclusive home, or going on excursions to Neiman Marcus to find the latest addition of Waterford Crystal.

I will not bore you with the gory details of how “Debbie” was destroyed or how “Deborah” rose from the rumble. The wounds are deep, and the tale is to long for me to blog about it now. I can’t do that yet.

What I can share with you is my life as “Deborah”.
I am a hardworking single parent, who weighs twice as much as “Debbie” did. My friends are few, and my life is dedicated to my children. I attend church and “partying” to me now means, “pizza and video’s” with the kids. Our apartment is furnished with used furniture and I never have enough money to make it through the month. The majority of my purchases are made at “Wal-mart” and the “dollar store”.

Like “Debbie”, I want “more” and “better”.
However when I feel this longing for yesteryear’s “carefree” lifestyle or I am over rot with the depressive weight of my current life, my daughter BJ, who witnessed my metamorphosis, is always there to lift my spirits and remind me that I have come “so far” and have “achieved so much.”

You see “Debbie” has come through the maelstrom that was her life and made a new one in Deborah.

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