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It has been a month since I posted about getting a wireless router, and it has taken me almost 3 weeks to figure out why I couldn’t get my home computer online with the new router. Tech support was a bust! Entire weekend wasted. In a moment of clarity one morning, I was able to figured out it was an TCP/IP issue and now it works and the kids have a computer that they can use to get online. Who needs tech support? Not me!

This last week, I got my VPN stick and now I can access my work files making my telecommuting life a breeze. Even with my slow connection, it beat being in a cube. I get to listen to music and I can actually see outside—trees and sun, or even the fog. It is so much better than the gray cube walls and florescent lighting of work. I tell you “a laptop and wireless connection is the only way to work.”

So with my new found freedom, I can be online at all hours of the day or evening. It allows me to be with the kids in the evening, while I am online doing homework, logging in my calories or doing work. It is great! My laptop is with me where ever I go now. I carry it from room to room, we are inseparable.

As I write this, I wonder though if this is really freedom or a new form of electronic shackle? Just a thought! Either-way, I am still not willing to cast this shackles off yet. I am happy with my electronic leash, for now.


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