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Goals –Friend or Foe

I am coming to grips with my situation and the tilted reality of what it means to have goals in your life. I have goals (or you could call them dreams). One goal I had was to shed unwanted “cuteness” by a certain date, which didn’t happen. I didn’t achieve perfection. However, I did loose some weight and I am still motivated to keep trying. I may have not made my short-term goal, but I have momentum and I will keep working on myself until I am successful. It is just going to take longer than I originally thought. For me –part of my goal was reached. My goals are fluid. As long as I know that I am committed to the process and will keep striving to improve, then I am okay with the results.

While this idea of goal setting and ongoing results works for me in my personal life, it doesn’t work in the corporate world. If you are given 10 goals to achieve and you only achieve eight, then you can find yourself on the unemployment line without warning.

I have always thought of goal setting as a positive tool to help an individual improve and grow. Well, I am now privy to a more negative and despicable use of goal setting– as fodder to remove a trusting employee. You give the employee goals to strive for, offer them very little assistance, ignore the eight goals that were met and focus on the two that weren’t accomplished, throw in some false expectations and then you are able to dismiss them like scrapping gum from your shoe.

The important lesson I learned is to judge yourself by your own character and not the action or character of others.

Even though, I have experienced the underhanded use of goal setting, I will hold to my belief that goals “help” me become a better person and are a positive influence in my life–like a good friend.

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Hot Spot–not Hot

I am sitting in Starbucks getting my caffeine fix which is a rare treat, since Mocha Frappicinos can turn into an expensive habit, both financially and calorie wise. Being an occasional patron of this delicious franchise I have never had the need to use their wireless connection, until today. To my surprise the connection is not FREE!

Boy, Starbucks and T-mobile get you both coming and going, with coffee and internet it runs about twelve bucks. However, I refuse to pay $7.00 to surf the internet here. Why would I, when I have wifi at home and there are other coffee houses and cafes that offer it to their customers for free. The fee for wireless has just gives me another reason not to frequent Starbucks. I am truly disappointed. I had envisioned myself as an intelligent type, sitting with my blended coffee in a crowded coffeehouse surfing and blogging my heart out. Instead, I gave the faux impression of being studious as I blogged this entry only to post later when I actually could get online. So much for Starbuck’s T-mobile Hot Spot—not Hot at all.

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