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A moment of Bliss

Flashing back to the 80’s —This is the life. Listening to “She Blinded Me With Science,” on my Yahoo LaunchPlus web radio, while I am surfing the net. I am in my element and this is a moment of bliss! I closed my eyes and let “I wear my sunglasses at night” transport me back to the good life. Back to the old Debbie. Back when life was full of music and dancing.

My life is still full of music–Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, New Age, and “vintage” (yes now –80’s music is considered old.) While I still have music in my life I don’t “crave” it like I once did.

Music was a driving force that I felt to my very core, it spoke to me, moved me and gave me extreme pleasure. Nothing was better than a great DJ, who could mix and keep me on the dance floor for hours.

I feel like an old “Jock” who still watches and enjoys the sport but is no longer “in” the game. My “Glory Days” are now just a fond memory with music bestowing on me “a moment of bliss” every once in a while.

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