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I have mentioned in my previous blog that Walmart had been my saving grace when I was looking for a WiFi routers on a budget; But now I find that they also sell a Linux operating machines too–Amazing!

I stumble across this knowledge in the standard web 2.0 way. I was reading a post on StraightUp Social which mentioned Walmart has its own blog “Check Out“. Two clicks later and I am reading the “gadget” guys blog on Linux, laptops and Apple TV. Like any true blog there is a place to comment on his post or the products. If gadgets aren’t your thing, then there are other blogs on gaming, gardening or general topics by other Walmart employees.

All in all, I found the blog informative. I was intrigued by the Linux machine as an offering and even read the comment on that post. And the blog on AppleTV offered a movie solution for people living “in the sticks”. So if you are a linux chix or geeky in anyway, but financially strapped there maybe a machine for your at your local Walmart.

Disclaimer: I still disagree with Walmart labor policies, but the frugality of my life leaves me few options when it comes to buying technology.


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I am jonesing for my Motorola Q–It died this weekend and I have been given a loaner phone until Sprint can repair it or replace it.  I am the kind of woman who wears her Bluetooth like jewelry.  I only take it off to shower or sleep.  It is a part of me.  Or I should say “it was” a part of me because this loaner phone doesn’t support bluetooth, or really much of anything. 

I spent the day in a tailspin—no bluetooth, no web and most importantly because my contacts weren’t captured on the replacement phone– I couldn’t call anyone.  (I know it is crazy, but I really only dial people by name–not number and without my contacts–I don’t even know my daughter’s home phone number—awww I am such a good mom…lol)

Anyway, after a third trip to the Sprint Store, this afternoon. they were able to give me “another” replacement phone and it at least could hold my contacts in it. 

So I am trying to hold on—Waiting until tomorrow to see if they can repair my phone—if not, it will be the weekend before I get a replacement. 

I’ll tell you, I don’t know how I got so hooked on my phone, and I know many people who can’t relate to what I am going through.  It is like a piece of me is missing. I am experiencing serious withdrawals and missing my Q.  

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