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Rose on a path to health

You know what they say, “You need to stop and smell the roses.” Well when I am going out for my evening walk I do more than smell them; I take pictures of them. The roses are in full bloom and beautiful this time of year and when I feel the urge I whip out my cell phone (it’s a handy-dandy MotorolaQ) and capture the image. I feel blessed to be able to see the flora in all its glory and to take the time to smell, admire and snap a few pictures of the roses on my path to a healthy lifestyle.


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Yep, they have upgraded once again and I am in love! If you haven’t tried it—go to Getting started with ScribeFire: Fire up your blogging. It is quick and easy, everything a woman on the go needs to keep her blog up to date.

This is a great tool even if you are not a techo-diva. It lets you comment on the fly about any interesting article or item on the web. You can add pictures from Flickr or videos from YouTube

I really enjoy using this little tool and I think everyone should give it a try.

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Here I am at the computer once again—it seems I only write, when I find a new gadget,  when I am totally sated or in a state of bliss.  It has been a wonderful couple of days and I am both sated and in bliss.

Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the JCC’s Senior Event “Magical Moments in May.” It warmed my heart, stimulated my pallet and my mind–“what was not to love”. I saw all my old friends, ate a good piece of salmon and was entertained by a speaker, who laminated on the resurrection of the Hebrew language and the national songs of Israel. I spent the afternoon with a close friend and finished the day with my two youngest feasting on an awesome pizza from Costco while watching videos, and then CBS’s Friday night line up– Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight and Numb3rs.

Yesterday, I was up and off to my oldest daughter’s house for a Mother’s Day celebration. We started the morning with croissants and orange juice, to eat on the way, as all of us mothers drove to a salon for mani’s and pedi’s. After being pampered we headed back to her house for a delicious lunch of salad, pasta, garlic bread, sweet tea, and for dessert chocolate cake, thanks to pizzahut, her husband and the kids. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in front of the TV and then headed home. My two teenagers had me drive them to our neighborhood Walgreens so they could get me something for Mother’s Day.

They surprised me this morning with breakfast in bed. My two had bought me a Dove’s Chocolate Rose, a real rose and the fix’n for an awesome breakfast. I was served a tray of hot cinnamon coffee with cream, eggs over-easy, sausage, hot chocolate chip muffins, sliced watermelon and sourdough toast with butter. Now, do you understand why I say I am sated!

It has been a weekend of food and festivities. I have gained at least four pounds from all of the treats, but it was well worth it. I truly feel loved and valued. I am so blessed to have my children. I feel very proud of them and love them very much. I am thankful for all that they do for me, they give me joy and loving them puts me in BLISS.

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