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Tofu Noodles–Who Knew?

I was cruzing around the web looking for a new pasta recipe, when what do my wondering eyes should a peer, but a reference to Hungry Girl – Tuesday Newsletter and my first glimpse of tofu noodles which are amazingly low in calories. The Hungry girl website has low calories recipes for your favorite food like fettuccine made from Tofu Shirataki Pasta. I was so stoked when I went to my local Safeway, and in the produce section found the spaghetti Tofu noodles, and they were on sale! I had a bowl for dinner, and while they are not as tasty as good old wheat pasta, I will be buying them again.

Hungry Girl News has the latest and greatest low calorie foods hitting the shelves of your local supermarket and she has a Dining Out section that is worth a gander.


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Useful site for DIYer

Instructables – The World’s Biggest DIY & How To Show & Tell

I ran across this site which is full of fun project and extraordinary crafts shared by talented people. If you want to know how to make a durable “Green” bags for your groceries out of used plastic shopping bags or an old tank top, then this is the place to go.

Being the Techno-diva that I am, I was fascinated by all the LED projects, like a “Lite-Brite” display on your refrigerator door. It is not something that I would do to my fridge, but I was impressed by it anyway. There are a variety of projects for all skill levels and this site is a good resource for parents who have kids home for the summer or anyone who wants to have fun and make something.

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Having Teenagers who love music, naturally I have an iTune account and being the good parent that I am, all the purchase emails come to me. This also makes my email the receptacle for any advertisement from Apple and yesterday my inbox was blessed with an invite to watch a 30 minute video: Apple – iPhone – A Guided Tour. The techno-diva in me couldn’t resist the temptation to see all the “bells and whistles” of this gadget has to offer and so I indulged the techie in me.

The video was informative and depicted the navigation through the various feature as easy as a swipe of the finger. I am skeptical that this gadget is really that easy. The LA Time blog had a post last week on women with long nails having issues with the iPhone’s touch screen. As I watched the video, I wondered if people with larger fingers might also have a problem with the on-screen keypad. Even with my doubts about the simplicity of the product, I still would love to own one.

That being said, there are still several major barriers to me becoming a glorified iPhone owner.
For one thing, the iPhone is still on the Cingular network and their coverage is just not up to par. I know that there is talk about iPhone 3G not being under contract, but according to the tech post of the LA Times, that just means you can do “month-to-month”, but it is still a Cingular (AT&T) phone–and that is not going to fly with me.

Another issue is the price of the iPhone. The starting price for a 3G is $199 for 8 gig, but it can run you up to $699, for the 16gig, contract free device. So your choices are, pay a lower fee for the initial phone and lock into an outrageous 2 year contract with a sub-par network. Or pay major dinero up front for phone and then pay an outrageous month-to month fee for a sub-par network. Either way you slice it, it still comes back to the “can you hear me now” network, and a major financial expense. For me, the 3G iPhone is still not an option.

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