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Teen Pregnancy, run aways and drug use, sounds like an episode of Mory or Springer. Oh how I wish these issues were fodder for afternoon entertainment of a bored housewife, instead they are the reality of my friends and family and I am getting a front row seat to the insanity.

There is nothing like witnessing the fall and self destruction of teens in your world to give you a moment of pause. I have taken the opportunity to praise my own teenagers for not succumbing to the lure of teenage craziness. This week alone, I have gotten calls from my friends and family about teens misbehaving and the parents are at their wits end. The justice system has given the teenagers freedoms and right to the point that their own parents have no options when it comes to controlling them.

I’m saddened, devastated, heartbroken and angry at getting the call that a 14 year old child, whom I love deeply, has told her mother that she is pregnant by a mentally challenged 16 year old. The girl has shut her mother out. She is uncommunicative, confrontational and threating to run away to her boyfriends house. She lives and breaths to text him and his crazy, sue-happy mother. In fact, his mother has already said that she would welcome the girl and support her, her boyfriend and the child. Her own mother is beside herself with worry of losing her daughter to this mentally unstable family, and yet there is not anything she can do to break this irrational bond these people have on her daughter. The mom is paralyzed with fear of loosing her daughter forever.

My soul is weeping at the lose of this girl’s youth and innocents, and the knowledge of the dream shattering drudgery and poverty that comes with being a teen parent. I am tortured that I can’t offer the mother any solace because I am a different kind of parent and I would have taken drastic measures to keep my daughter away from that family and to talk some sense into her. I am sure that the law would not agree with my methodology, but when your child is being indoctrinated into a “cult of crazys” you have to do what ever it take to get her away, keep her away and safe.

I shared my distress over the pregnant teen with an old friend of mine, who reciprocated with a tale of how she lost her job because of her teenagers and their drug use. Her two daughters had friends over to her house, while she was out, and one of the friends went into convulsions from smoking pot and hit her head. The story got back to my friend’s manager and she was fired. She has had to deal with putting her daughter in a rehab program and finding a new job. All I could do was be a sounding-board for her and once again praise my own children for their levelheadedness.

The media has called this generation the “Me Generation” but it goes beyond that. I see these kids just running a muck with no thought to the consequences of their actions.

The other morning I was awakened at 2:30 a.m. by a frantic call from a neighbor whose son ran-away out his bedroom window. She wanted to know if he had came over to our house.  I was relieved to find my children tucked into bed sound asleep.  Her son was found later that morning downtown; hanging out with his druggy friends.

You would think that by these stories, that I must live in a urban setting or a trailer park, but it is quite the opposite. I live in a prominent upper-middle class neighborhood. I really think that much of the problems arise from these kids having everything handed to them. I think that most are devoid of morals and values because they see parents who can buy their way out of any legal issue that may arise. These kids don’t have a clue what it is like to have to work for the clothes on their backs or the electronic gadgets in their pockets. They feel that life owes them and they have the right to do what ever they want and not pay the price for their actions. In all three cases the parents are the ones being tortured and made to suffer—not the kids.

Something needs to be done with the youth of today. They are spiritually and morally bankrupt. Parent should be assisted, not victimized, by the government when it comes to disciplining their disruptive, disrespectful teenagers.


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