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Redbull soapbox races in SF

I am off to the races! The Red Bull Soapbox Races have came to San Francisco and I am going to be part of the hysteria.  This is just a spectator’s sport for me today.  All fun!

Red Bull
Crowds, wacky race cars, and exhilarating.


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Buckypaper–Innovation to watch!

Future planes, cars may be made of `buckypaper’ (AP) by AP: Yahoo! Tech

Buckypaper, while still in its toddler stage is exciting innovative new material. If the scientist are able to get the kinks out, perfect a viable manufacturing structure, and wade through the goverment bueruacy to patent and manufacture it, this product could have far reaching potential. Buckypaper which is stronger than steel and conducts electricity has many plausible applications above the transportational uses mentioned in the article.  I see this substance being widely used in; the construction of bridges and transportational infrastucture; the medical industry; household products and of course high tech.  The article did not mention any negative by-product associated with the creation of Buckypaper, which should definitely be a deciding factor.  I am curious to see if the good of the product out-weights any bad.   Buckypaper has a long way to go before it infuses our lives, but I will be watching to see if indeed this toddler can thrive and grow.

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The article Year Zero  speaks to the truth of the mania which is gripping our fair country. I was on the bandwagon for Hillary (Finally a woman in the White House), but I could never get behind Palin. She takes “white trash” to “a whole ‘nother level” to quote Mad TV’s Keengan-Michael Key.  With the economical disaster that America is facing we need to get the budget and the nation away from war mongers of the Republican party. Rational should be our guiding force, not fear.

This election has turned from a victory for women of this nation into a mockery. I know that the Republican probably nominated a woman candidate in the hope of getting all of Hillary supporters votes, but they were sorely mistaken. Palin is no comparison to Ms. Clinton. She may be a woman–but she is the WRONG Woman.

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