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It has been a long time since I have graced my blog with an entry.  Believe me, not that the spirit hasn’t moved me, but more because there is never enough time in the day to do all that is required of me and still take time to write. There are many things that I wanted to write about.  One thing that has been on the forefront of my thoughts is the economy.  The deep recession of the country which is spiraling down dangerously towards the brink of dispear the likes of which we haven’t seen since “great depression”.   Years of struggling has made my financial situation very percarious.  I am blessed to have a job in this time of doubt and worry.  However, I am also cautious that like so many I could be back on the unemployment line at any momment. 

I am praying that the stimulous package, which was just past by congress, will help turn this country around.  I am worried that America recovery is being finianced on the backs of our children and we  are selling our souls to a foriegn government for this bailout money. I am not faulting Obama for making these hard choices. To paraphrase Tupac “He was given this world, he didn’t make it.” and “I ain’t mad at him”.  He is no Hillary, but he is a Presidental “Rock Star”!   His wife is on Vogue and he has grace the cover of every magazine there is.  The presidental inagration was awesome!  All the stars were out to wish the President well.  Beyonce sang as the President and his wife had their first dance.  It was a beautiful and moving sight to see.  It made me proud to be part of history as my children and I watch this event unfold.

The Obama camp which ran a viral campaign and used the internet to his advantage during his election revamped whitehouse.gov the momment he took office.  Barak and his family has made history and I feel amazed and honored to be on the sidelines.  I just pray that he can get us out of this tailspin.   It is going to be a hard next four years.  I hope he is up for it. 


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