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Still on the clock and won’t be out of here for another hour or two…my 3 day is going to start late 😦


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“I wanta get away…farrr r r away” So Far ar ar away!” (it is a song and how I feel right now).

My children by most standards are good kids, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t normal  irritating teenagers.  I get so tired sometimes of being the only person who has to deal with their attitude.  It seems like I can never win.  I thought I would do something nice and take them to the show tonight—this is a rare treat —especially on a school night.  (In fact, this blog post should be about the new Star Trek Movie, but that will have to wait—I have other pressing matters.)   As I write this, I wish I had never took them to the show.  My son still hasn’t done his dishes, he is wandering back and forth, not really doing anything and my daughter has just went to bed without finishing her chore (which is the laundry) it would take an act of G-d to get her to actually fold a towel or shirt. To say she is lazy is an understatement.  We  had a scream out when we got home because in HER mind “I never do anything!”

It is just craziness at it’s worst—She was actually complaining and arguing with me because she had to “make dinner” this evening.  That’s right I had her put a “salad” together….How dare I!!!  She actually had to cut some lettuce and tomatoes…gasp!  And throw in some chicken (which I cooked last night)…oh the horror of it all!!!   What a slave driver I am!!!!    To hear her tell it ….she is making dinner every night!   I do nothing .  Boy, I wonder how the salad stuff got in the house in the first place???  Did magic fairies go out and earn the money to buy the food and then spend their evening (after working 9hrs) shopping for it…hmmm…that must be it!

Yep, I do nothing around here—That is why I was up an hour before she even woke this morning doing laundry (her chore) and folding the three load she left sitting on the bathroom counter.  Yep,  I was doing nothing at 6:30 this morning while she was still comfy in her bed.

Well it is late and my battery is dying on the laptop—I need to get away—to my bed!
Another glorious day in the life of a single parent!

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