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Midnight thoughts

I want to stop “surviving” and start “living”! But even as I ponder how one makes the change; I ask myself, “if in this time of economical strife is it pretentious of me to want more than to merely exist, when so many don’t even have that”? I want a change. I have been waiting for a change. Now I want to effect a change. The question is– where to start?


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Finally a book worth talking about

I am an avid reader and truly enjoy a good scary book.    I love story about vampires, werewolves and demons.    I have always loved the strange and macabre.   As a child, I read comics with super heroes like everyone else, but my favorite was the “Tales from the Crypt” type.   School was always a challenge with their limited reading material for book reports.  I would usually choose something penned by Edgar Allan Poe or a thriller from Alfred Hitchcock to fulfill my academic requirements.  While these classic sustained me through school, they never grabbed me the way Anne Rice’s “Interview with a Vampire” did.

I have read many books over the years by many authors and for years my two favorite authors had been Anne Rice and Stephen King.  I always read everything they wrote.  It has only been recently that I have expanded my list of favorites to include JR Ward and her books about the “Black Dagger Brotherhood,” and LA Banks and her “Vampire Huntress” series.  Both of which are outstanding authors.  Don’t get me wrong there are many authors whom I have read that are also good in a paranormal romance kind of way.  But for a true horror buff, I feel cheap trying to get my fix with these love induced, happily ever after, supernatural tales.

Well, this week I stumble across another author to add to my list.  I just finished a book from DD Barant called “Dying Bites” and found it to be a joy to read.   The character was a wise cracking “Criminal Mind” profiler in an altered universe where 99 percent of the population is supernatural leaving only one percent human.  She is stalking a murderer who is also human, which causes her to question whether the side she is on is the right one or not.

This book has everything; vamps, weres, another universe, throw in a modern version of Golems, add some HP Lovecraft elder G-ds and I am in reader’s heaven.

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