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What spurred this need to purge myself was reading Common Sense on Media blog on an up coming episode of Gossip girl depicting a threesome, during what I consider “Primetime”.  I know that by 9pm all the little kiddies should be snug in their beds, but that is not always the case with the overextended, fast moving lifestyle of many parents today. 

This rant has been a long time coming.  Everyday, I am bombarded by shows, movies, videos, and music that depict drinking, drugs and promiscuity as a norm.  

Today, while driving into work, I was channel surfing on the radio and went from hearing “When a Man Loves a Woman” to “Sexy B*tch”.  It causes me a moment of reflection on the how callus and disrespectful society has become towards women.  Percy Sledge sang of loving a woman to the point of being detrimental to him.  Now men think calling a woman a “sexy” female dog is a compliment.  Don’t get me wrong, I like rap. TuPac was the man, and while he rapped about being a thug, he still loved his momma.  The contemporary rappers have young girls singing about “B*tchs” and “Hoes”, like it is the thing to do. 

According to the book “Oral Sex is the New Good Night Kiss”, girls are being sexualized as young as 12 years old.  Girls are pimp’n other girls for money, clothes or drugs and none of the girls think this is a problems because “everyone is doing it”.  Freak’n on the dance floor has turned into actual sex on the dance floor and it is happening at a school near you.  The teens know about it, acept it and even videotape it for Youtube.  Lewd behavior has become the standard for our youth and most parents are in the dark about it.  The internet and webcams allow a teen the freedom to be naked and perform sexual acts in front of strangers or peers in the privacy of their own room, many times while their parents are in the next room and none the wiser.    

I don’t have the answer to why our society has sunk so low.  In fact, sometimes I think I am a contributor to its ruin.  I do listen to rap, and I like shows, movies and content that is not always PG, but I am an adult.  Some how the line between adult, teen and child have been blurred and it is time for society to sure up those lines.  If we don’t pull back a little I am concerned about the future and what another thirty years of ethical and moral deterioration will do to future generations.  I wonder if “gymboree” will morph into toddlers freak’n on the dance floor while their parents watch.  Who knows, I guess I will just have to wait and see.


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