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Friday was my baby girls eighteenth birthday. We went to dinner and a movie. I came home to find all her stuff gone. I was so sad. She moved in with a guy she has been dating for a month. It ‘s all bad!

It is so hard as a parent to see your children make poor choices.  I know that she is only hurting herself, but as a parent, it is my job to keep her safe…even if it is from herself, which is what I have been trying to do.  But she hit this magical number of 18 and I can’t intervene any longer.   She hasn’t finished high school and it is looking very shaky whether or not she will.   She moved in with some guy and didn’t give me the address and has overdrawn the checking account I had for her.   Not a future I would wish for her, but she is “an adult” now and it is not my choice.


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Spent the day yesterday in anticipation of seeing Paranormal Activity.  The movie was suppose to be scary and all the hype surrounding it had me wondering if it wasn’t the same false provado  that accompanied “The Blair Witch Project.”

As a horror fan, I was completely let down, when I finally watch Blair Witch.  The jittery camera shots made me nauseated and by the end of the movie I was stunned and disappointed.  I was stunned that people thought Blair Witch was scary and not just stupid.  I was disappointed because it was so poorly done and boring, that I felt cheated out of 2 hours of my life.  I understand that the movie was suppose to be an amateur documentary done by college kids, but it was so jittery and random, that it was just plain awful.

So out comes Paranormal and the ads look good and scary.  I can’t wait to see it and neither can my friend.  We buy tickets for a late show last night and take our teens.   It was a “barf-fest” (literally).  Like its predecessor Blair Witch, the movement of the camera, was intolerable.  I spent much of the movie, looking away because, the motion made me want to hurl.  The finale left the movie goers dazed and confused.  We sat in the theater waiting for “the other shoe to drop” or something to happen, until the lights came on.  We walked out of there saying “are you kidding me?  That was it???”

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