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I have been driving a long time, before there even was a commuter or(HOV) lane on the freeways and the now obsolete “Fast Lane” has always been my friend.  The instillation of the commute lane had little or no effect on me until recently. 

Over the last couple of years I have joined the millions of drivers who now commute to work, and everyday I am more and more frustrated with the drivers on the road.  I now understand the term “Road Rage” on a personal level.   

It seems that people no longer understand the rules of the road now that the commuter lane has been installed.  What ever happened to the rule “SLOW VEHICLES MOVE TO THE RIGHT”?   This is a huge pet-peeve of mine.  Drivers seem to just pick a lane and stay in it no matter how fast OR SLOW, they go.  

Logically it seems to me, if the far left lane is now a “Commuter Lane,” then the one next to it would now be considered the “Fast Lane/ or Passing Lane” during commute hours.  Again, “SLOW VEHICLES should be on the far right!

Obviously, none of the driver’s here in Silicon Valley “got that memo,” know the “rules of the road” or understands that logic.  They ride in this “fast/middle lane” as if they own it and if they are cruising at or below the speed limit, then “Hey your problem—not theirs.”

I don’t know if these drivers are ill-educated or just down right rude.  I know for sure they are stubborn and refuse to move into a lane that is more conducive with their rate of speed, which forces me into the “Slow lane” to pass them. I find myself becoming angry that I have to either endure their flagrant abuse of the law or break it myself by “Passing on the Right.”

While writing this post, I discovered I am not alone in this plight. There are slow-pokes across the country, clogging the freeways, and people are mad about it. There are Facebook groups and posts.  Apparently there are some songs on the subject and several websites. One site is devoted to the left-lane driver  has produced windshield decals to tell the offenders to “<==MOVE OVER”.  The site was started in 2007, with many post and articles written about it (just do a search). 

There are two schools of thoughts from what I can see: The people who want the left lane to be a “fast-lane” and the people who think they should be able to drive in any lane, at any speed, and they shouldn’t have to move over.

My trip through the internet on the subject of slow drivers has yielded much, but not the mention of slow drivers in what I would call the “fast/middle lane.”  Since HOV lanes are mostly prevalent in metropolitan areas, and not standard throughout the country, I don’t think this issue has been addressed (or maybe I missed that article or blog).  Either way, I have to find a solution to my growing frustration.  It may come down to me purchasing a “Slow Traffic Move Right” decal for my car. That rule/law has not changed in all the years I have been driving, it is the road and the people who drive on it that have changed.


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