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Memorial Day 2011

Today we remember the soldiers that have fallen and that are in the field fighting for our country. I am conflicted with the day. I feel a deep and sincere gratitude for anyone who would risk their life to protect me and my family; and yet I feel sadden that we, as a nation, continue to become embroiled in battles that cost so many their lives.

I have family and friends who have served in the military. I have seen first-hand the devastation combat can reek upon one’s body and psyche.  As a child, we had a neighbor who survived the war only to come home and eat his revolver.  I have witnessed decorated vets, local heroes with purple hearts for bravery, destroy their lives, their bodies and loose themselves to the addiction they brought home with them from the war.

So on this day of Memorial, I give my respect and gratitude to the women and men of the our armed forces.
I say to you, “I believe you are truly brave, and I am sorry that you fight a war that you did not start, and yet now you must finish. I am sorry that your life may never be as it was before you went into battle and that coming home, may not end the war within you.”

May there be peace in your soul, and in your heart. And someday, may there be peace in the world!


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