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My daughter called me crying last night. She just wanted to hear my voice.  She had lost someone near to her.  Someone who was family to her.  Someone she cared about.  Someone who she didn’t always want to speak to on the phone, but now I know she wishes she had.   

How can you know that if you don’t take a call from an annoying relative that it would be the last.   How can you know, that for all of a person’s faults, it better to suffer the ramblings of them, than to never hear their voice again. 

Her cousin struggled with everything in her life; her marriage, children, substances, and mental illness.  She was young and yet the battle that she called life was cruel to her.  She hit rock bottom and shattered on the impact.  She tried to pull her self together, with help of her mother, but she just didn’t have all the pieces anymore.  She was never quite right again; not a whole functioning person.  Her death was an accident.  It came swiftly and without warning.  There was nothing they could do. There was no time for the family to prepare.

My daughter is grieving for her cousin, and as her parent it hurts me too.  I love my child and never want to see her hurt, sad, or in pain.  I feel for her and her step-sister, to have to endure another lose in their lives.   Our family is getting well versed in the natural order of life and death and when ever it hits….we all think “life is just too short”.


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