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October 5th Day To Remember

The morning start like any other. Too tired to want to get out of bed.  Struggling through my morning routine. Riding to work with my friend, commiserating  over our evening activities and kids.

Once we exited the freeway and headed towards work our mundane morning took a scary turn.  Police blocked the roadway, and rerouted us away from work, through residential area, and back the way we came.

It turned out that there was a potential gunman in the area.  My friend was shaken to say the least.

After circumventing the situation, and  taking the long way around to get to work, we finally made it safely into the building to start our day.

With the heightened state of alert, work was hectic all day.  I was so  happy when it was over. The shooter continued to elude the police all day and at the time of this post he has not been found.

Today also marked the passing of a technological icon Steve  Jobs.  He was a true innovator and he will be missed.   Jobs was a savvy business man, a leader here in Silicon Valley and the co-founder of Apple.   His products changed learning, education and the way we experiences musics.  I want to recognize and acknowledge all he did to ingrain technology into everyday society.


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