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Here I sit two after weeks of having a car accident.  A pole ran in front of me, while I was coming home from a doctors appointment with a fever and strep throat, which totaled my 2006 Saturn Vue!

Ya…You might say that it was an old obsolete vehicle (Saturn went out of business), but I bought this SUV brand new, and spent over $26k.  My car was finally paid off!!  I had struggled to make ends meet with $357 a month payments for 6 years. So here is my quandary, do I buy a car that I don’t have the money for or do I take what ever the insurance agency will give be and buy a beater car just to get by.  Driving a  rental car, which has Bluetooth sync and pretty good speed, plus test driving new models cars makes me want something with all “the bells and whistles”. My pocket book on the other hand, is leaning towards a beater car.


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