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It took a month and lot of negotiation with the Insurance agency to get them to pay me 2/3 the price of purchasing a similar  2006 Saturn Vue.  Since, I didn’t have enough to buy a similar car, I had to figure out how I could get a new car (or new to me car), and not have a huge monthly payment.

I agonized over my budget and wonder, “How I would magically pull a car payment out of thin air.”  The only variable line item that I could tweak was my gas allotment.

I would need to purchase a Prius, which would reduce my gas consumption and free up some much needed money for a car payment.  I found that I needed a relatively new Prius because older or high mileage vehicle’s batteries die and were $3000 each to replace.

I researched cars online and used several car shopping websites to search for my new vehicle. My insurance referred me to  Truecar.com, which gives you a lower quote than the dealer displays. It is suppose to be hassle free.  I found a couple of Prius’ I wanted to test drive, so I submitted my info on the site. The dealers contacted me to come to the dealership.   The problem was that the dealers continue to send me emails and called me even after I found my car .

It is important to note that the quotes on these sites, do not include all the additional cost (i.e tax, license, shipping fees, and any other fee the dealer tacks on), which can add another $5k to the “quoted” price. 

I visited the local Toyota Dealership, they were pushy and tried to steer me towards a new car with hefty price tag of $30k+.  Not something I could afford with the pittance I received from the insurance! 

I found Hertz Car Sales website with plenty of 2013 Prius (2 years old).  The prices were almost $2k under Kelly Blue Book, for a Hertz’s certified vehicle, with a 12 month warranty. I received a discount for being a AAA members, and with tax and license I paid less than Blue Book list price for a similar car.

I still miss my Vue! 😦  The Prius is low to the ground, and visibility is not as good; but it is awesome to have Bluetooth connectivity, and half the weekly gas bill as my old car!!!


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