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It took a month and lot of negotiation with the Insurance agency to get them to pay me 2/3 the price of purchasing a similar  2006 Saturn Vue.  Since, I didn’t have enough to buy a similar car, I had to figure out how I could get a new car (or new to me car), and not have a huge monthly payment.

I agonized over my budget and wonder, “How I would magically pull a car payment out of thin air.”  The only variable line item that I could tweak was my gas allotment.

I would need to purchase a Prius, which would reduce my gas consumption and free up some much needed money for a car payment.  I found that I needed a relatively new Prius because older or high mileage vehicle’s batteries die and were $3000 each to replace.

I researched cars online and used several car shopping websites to search for my new vehicle. My insurance referred me to  Truecar.com, which gives you a lower quote than the dealer displays. It is suppose to be hassle free.  I found a couple of Prius’ I wanted to test drive, so I submitted my info on the site. The dealers contacted me to come to the dealership.   The problem was that the dealers continue to send me emails and called me even after I found my car .

It is important to note that the quotes on these sites, do not include all the additional cost (i.e tax, license, shipping fees, and any other fee the dealer tacks on), which can add another $5k to the “quoted” price. 

I visited the local Toyota Dealership, they were pushy and tried to steer me towards a new car with hefty price tag of $30k+.  Not something I could afford with the pittance I received from the insurance! 

I found Hertz Car Sales website with plenty of 2013 Prius (2 years old).  The prices were almost $2k under Kelly Blue Book, for a Hertz’s certified vehicle, with a 12 month warranty. I received a discount for being a AAA members, and with tax and license I paid less than Blue Book list price for a similar car.

I still miss my Vue! 😦  The Prius is low to the ground, and visibility is not as good; but it is awesome to have Bluetooth connectivity, and half the weekly gas bill as my old car!!!


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Here I sit two after weeks of having a car accident.  A pole ran in front of me, while I was coming home from a doctors appointment with a fever and strep throat, which totaled my 2006 Saturn Vue!

Ya…You might say that it was an old obsolete vehicle (Saturn went out of business), but I bought this SUV brand new, and spent over $26k.  My car was finally paid off!!  I had struggled to make ends meet with $357 a month payments for 6 years. So here is my quandary, do I buy a car that I don’t have the money for or do I take what ever the insurance agency will give be and buy a beater car just to get by.  Driving a  rental car, which has Bluetooth sync and pretty good speed, plus test driving new models cars makes me want something with all “the bells and whistles”. My pocket book on the other hand, is leaning towards a beater car.

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New Year 2013

Another year has come and gone.  I have much to be thankful for and much I would like to accomplish.  I am recovering from shoulder surgery at this time.  Today, is the two week mark.  I am doing well and I am thankful for that. I spent a majority of the day with my friend in Kaiser emergency department and with her after she was admitted.  My evening was spent with my oldest and granddaughter preparing custody documentation for my granddaughter.  It is times like this that I take a moment to pause and evaluate my life and give thanks.

I am truly thankful for my children and family; although, I feel that I don’t articulate my thanks or appreciation as much as I should. I am thankful for Bobby a two year old, half Manx, kitty that we rescued from the shelter.  He was the families Christmas present.   For me, Bobby is my “Fluffer 2.0” kitty.  I am thankful for my job, my home and life.

I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted to accomplish in 2012, and I am thankful for another opportunity to make 2013 my year to succeed.



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October 5th Day To Remember

The morning start like any other. Too tired to want to get out of bed.  Struggling through my morning routine. Riding to work with my friend, commiserating  over our evening activities and kids.

Once we exited the freeway and headed towards work our mundane morning took a scary turn.  Police blocked the roadway, and rerouted us away from work, through residential area, and back the way we came.

It turned out that there was a potential gunman in the area.  My friend was shaken to say the least.

After circumventing the situation, and  taking the long way around to get to work, we finally made it safely into the building to start our day.

With the heightened state of alert, work was hectic all day.  I was so  happy when it was over. The shooter continued to elude the police all day and at the time of this post he has not been found.

Today also marked the passing of a technological icon Steve  Jobs.  He was a true innovator and he will be missed.   Jobs was a savvy business man, a leader here in Silicon Valley and the co-founder of Apple.   His products changed learning, education and the way we experiences musics.  I want to recognize and acknowledge all he did to ingrain technology into everyday society.

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Truer words were not spoken.

As I struggle to make my son understand that school must become a priority.  I see him once again falling into bad habits.

It is 10:30pm on the first day of school and he is just thinking about getting online to do his homework.  The problem is that our laptop is down and the only computer we have right now is an ancient one in my room.    Not going to happen.  I need to sleep.  I have a meeting tomorrow.

He has literally had over nine hours to complete his work and he chose to play “Nazi Zombies” instead!

I tried to tell him he is repeating bad habits that were his down fall last school year, but he didn’t want to hear it.

My parting words to him were “Those who do not learn from their history, are doomed to repeat it.

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Had an great time at the movies. Have to give a “BIG” thumbs up for “Bad Bosses”. It was hilarious! The behavior of these bosses, makes your average daily slave-driver seem tolerable. “KUDO’S to Jennifer Aniston for reinventing herself so completely to be the lecherous, inappropriate dentist

Once you see the movie, you walk away saying “My boss really isn’t that bad”. The movie is really an asset to all the terrible or mediocre employers in the world.

The trio of bumbling friends try to off their mean and nasty bosses and fail miserably. It is a laugh-out-loud good time for anyone who has ever worked with an insufferable boss.

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My daughter called me crying last night. She just wanted to hear my voice.  She had lost someone near to her.  Someone who was family to her.  Someone she cared about.  Someone who she didn’t always want to speak to on the phone, but now I know she wishes she had.   

How can you know that if you don’t take a call from an annoying relative that it would be the last.   How can you know, that for all of a person’s faults, it better to suffer the ramblings of them, than to never hear their voice again. 

Her cousin struggled with everything in her life; her marriage, children, substances, and mental illness.  She was young and yet the battle that she called life was cruel to her.  She hit rock bottom and shattered on the impact.  She tried to pull her self together, with help of her mother, but she just didn’t have all the pieces anymore.  She was never quite right again; not a whole functioning person.  Her death was an accident.  It came swiftly and without warning.  There was nothing they could do. There was no time for the family to prepare.

My daughter is grieving for her cousin, and as her parent it hurts me too.  I love my child and never want to see her hurt, sad, or in pain.  I feel for her and her step-sister, to have to endure another lose in their lives.   Our family is getting well versed in the natural order of life and death and when ever it hits….we all think “life is just too short”.

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