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I have found a phone that I am in love with.  I have had the Hero for a little over a month and it was love at first sight.  I thought maybe the romance would die after the initial honeymoon stage and I would end up frustrated and disappoint like many of my other techno relationships. 

But here I am, a month into the commitment and still sing praise for my little gizmo and all the wonderful apps it has to offer.   I don’t know how it could be possible but I am becoming even more interactive with my phone than I have before.  

I use the calorie counter everyday (back on the weight-loss-band-wagon after the holidays).  This nifty little app lets you scan the package of the tasty little morsel you are eating and adds it to your daily count with a wave of the camera.  It is so simple.   pick the meal you want the food entered under,  select the scan barcode entry and scan the barcode with your camera (it even makes the little beeping noise when it scans).  The scan feature is just one way to add your intake into your daily journal.  You can also keep track of your weight and your exercise all in the palm of your hand.

All of my cell phones have been an added extension of myself.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I wear my bluetooth 24/7 (well not when I sleep…lol).  The Hero is much more than just a mobile phone.   It wakes me, it plays music for me while I shower, it tells me what the weather is like outside so I know how to dress, and it tells me what is on my calendar/agenda for the day.   The apps let me keep connected to my social networks–facebook, myspace, and twitter.  I can ping.fm from it and send an update to all of them at once.  I can watch TV on my phone or the latest Youtube  or Howcast video.  I can make videos myself and post them if I am so inclined.  Movies, recipes, restaurant reviews are all just a touch away. The applications and options are endless.  I just wish I had more time to spend playing with them.  Sprint has a really winner in the “Hero” and I am one of their biggest fans.


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Air Cars–Coming soon!

Talk about cute and ecologically friendly the new air cars, which will be manufactured in every state according the  article on yahoo finance.  The designers have went back to the old air compression engines and revamped into a new energy efficient model.  This little car can get a whopping 106 miles per gallon, and it seem to run on any kind of fuel from cooking oil to desiel.  An added bonus is the price tag, which will be about half the price of what you would pay for a hybrid right now.  The only disappointing item is that these cars are not going to be rolling of the assembly line until 2011.

Another drawback is America’s love of Monster cars.  While this little car may do will in California, and the east coast, I wonder if it will catch on with the rest of the nation.   Only time will tell!

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Having Teenagers who love music, naturally I have an iTune account and being the good parent that I am, all the purchase emails come to me. This also makes my email the receptacle for any advertisement from Apple and yesterday my inbox was blessed with an invite to watch a 30 minute video: Apple – iPhone – A Guided Tour. The techno-diva in me couldn’t resist the temptation to see all the “bells and whistles” of this gadget has to offer and so I indulged the techie in me.

The video was informative and depicted the navigation through the various feature as easy as a swipe of the finger. I am skeptical that this gadget is really that easy. The LA Time blog had a post last week on women with long nails having issues with the iPhone’s touch screen. As I watched the video, I wondered if people with larger fingers might also have a problem with the on-screen keypad. Even with my doubts about the simplicity of the product, I still would love to own one.

That being said, there are still several major barriers to me becoming a glorified iPhone owner.
For one thing, the iPhone is still on the Cingular network and their coverage is just not up to par. I know that there is talk about iPhone 3G not being under contract, but according to the tech post of the LA Times, that just means you can do “month-to-month”, but it is still a Cingular (AT&T) phone–and that is not going to fly with me.

Another issue is the price of the iPhone. The starting price for a 3G is $199 for 8 gig, but it can run you up to $699, for the 16gig, contract free device. So your choices are, pay a lower fee for the initial phone and lock into an outrageous 2 year contract with a sub-par network. Or pay major dinero up front for phone and then pay an outrageous month-to month fee for a sub-par network. Either way you slice it, it still comes back to the “can you hear me now” network, and a major financial expense. For me, the 3G iPhone is still not an option.

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Yep, they have upgraded once again and I am in love! If you haven’t tried it—go to Getting started with ScribeFire: Fire up your blogging. It is quick and easy, everything a woman on the go needs to keep her blog up to date.

This is a great tool even if you are not a techo-diva. It lets you comment on the fly about any interesting article or item on the web. You can add pictures from Flickr or videos from YouTube

I really enjoy using this little tool and I think everyone should give it a try.

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I have mentioned in my previous blog that Walmart had been my saving grace when I was looking for a WiFi routers on a budget; But now I find that they also sell a Linux operating machines too–Amazing!

I stumble across this knowledge in the standard web 2.0 way. I was reading a post on StraightUp Social which mentioned Walmart has its own blog “Check Out“. Two clicks later and I am reading the “gadget” guys blog on Linux, laptops and Apple TV. Like any true blog there is a place to comment on his post or the products. If gadgets aren’t your thing, then there are other blogs on gaming, gardening or general topics by other Walmart employees.

All in all, I found the blog informative. I was intrigued by the Linux machine as an offering and even read the comment on that post. And the blog on AppleTV offered a movie solution for people living “in the sticks”. So if you are a linux chix or geeky in anyway, but financially strapped there maybe a machine for your at your local Walmart.

Disclaimer: I still disagree with Walmart labor policies, but the frugality of my life leaves me few options when it comes to buying technology.

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I am jonesing for my Motorola Q–It died this weekend and I have been given a loaner phone until Sprint can repair it or replace it.  I am the kind of woman who wears her Bluetooth like jewelry.  I only take it off to shower or sleep.  It is a part of me.  Or I should say “it was” a part of me because this loaner phone doesn’t support bluetooth, or really much of anything. 

I spent the day in a tailspin—no bluetooth, no web and most importantly because my contacts weren’t captured on the replacement phone– I couldn’t call anyone.  (I know it is crazy, but I really only dial people by name–not number and without my contacts–I don’t even know my daughter’s home phone number—awww I am such a good mom…lol)

Anyway, after a third trip to the Sprint Store, this afternoon. they were able to give me “another” replacement phone and it at least could hold my contacts in it. 

So I am trying to hold on—Waiting until tomorrow to see if they can repair my phone—if not, it will be the weekend before I get a replacement. 

I’ll tell you, I don’t know how I got so hooked on my phone, and I know many people who can’t relate to what I am going through.  It is like a piece of me is missing. I am experiencing serious withdrawals and missing my Q.  

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Hot Spot–not Hot

I am sitting in Starbucks getting my caffeine fix which is a rare treat, since Mocha Frappicinos can turn into an expensive habit, both financially and calorie wise. Being an occasional patron of this delicious franchise I have never had the need to use their wireless connection, until today. To my surprise the connection is not FREE!

Boy, Starbucks and T-mobile get you both coming and going, with coffee and internet it runs about twelve bucks. However, I refuse to pay $7.00 to surf the internet here. Why would I, when I have wifi at home and there are other coffee houses and cafes that offer it to their customers for free. The fee for wireless has just gives me another reason not to frequent Starbucks. I am truly disappointed. I had envisioned myself as an intelligent type, sitting with my blended coffee in a crowded coffeehouse surfing and blogging my heart out. Instead, I gave the faux impression of being studious as I blogged this entry only to post later when I actually could get online. So much for Starbuck’s T-mobile Hot Spot—not Hot at all.

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